Play Earrings

AuBrynne has been asking for earrings for days. 
Now, every time I have thought about it, I cringe. 
Poking holes in my baby's ears?! Come on, really? Who put this idea into your head, little one?
Now, I have had my ears pierced since I was a toddler in preschool, and I can't see how my parents dealt with it.  I can remember being on the playground and losing an earring and have the teachers help me find the tiny gold teddy bear earring. Back in the dark ages, they didn't have the "safety-back" earrings. 
Well, I just can't do the whole permanent holes thing.
So, I went to Hobby Lobby and got these little clip on earrings:

They had these little sticky pads already on them, so I stuck some flat back plastic rhinestones on:

She likes them!  And I am telling you, they are magical!  When she has them on she acts like a little lady!  She will ride in the cart at the grocery store without hassle.  She doesn't even whine with these little gems on!  So, I think I will be letting her wear these whenever we go out!

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  1. Bet she figures out how to put 'em on her slippah's.

  2. Transformation to a little lady from earrings....you need to be getting those ears pierced tomorrow if that is the case..LOL!
    She looks so stinking cute with them. I am sure you will be making many more.


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