Making It With Allie - Picture Day

Hello friends!
Yesterday was Picture Day for Miss AuBrynne!
And had I not been an admitted fabric-hoarder, this post likely would have been a letter of complaint to the fabric manufacturers. You see I am more disappointed than usual at the lack of color and print fashion forwardness.  But, you see, I came home (after 2 long days of fabric store hunting) and got into my stash. And friends, I found a cute striped knit with pinks and oranges and reds and purples.
For the little girl who is loving Strawberry Shortcake right now, I thought this would be perfect.
So, I threw together this little asymmetric little play dress.

You know she had to add her own touch: A headband I made her recently for a BRACELET...

So, I get it finished, and the little thing says to me:
Are we finished? Cuz I'm not wearing this tomorrow...
I suppose I shouldn't be so stunned when she mirrors my sass.
But I AM!
She did decide it was cute enough to wear for pictures.
So, I guess I wont complain, for now.

 Now, it's time for the
Making It With Allie Party!
What have you got this week?
I am anxious to see!
You all are SO inspiring, I can't wait!
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  1. Awww she is so cute... i love her poses.. :)
    Thanks for the party..

  2. Cute girl, cute dress, what a lovely pictures:)
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. I am new to your blog. Did you use a pattern for this dress? If not is there a tutorial?

    Would love to make this for my new kindergartner.

  4. Thanks for hosting, this week i am sharing the latest Tutorial on Board Adithi's Amma Sews - in Home Decor Category - How to make a Dice Floor Cushion. Enjoy!

  5. Super cute dress and she is posing beautifully. very sweet...

    I would like to invite you for free giveaway at


  6. A looks adorable in her new dress. I miss seeing that little face :) Now she is into Strawberry Shortcake?? These kids are constantly into something different...were we like that as kids?? LOL! Did you get me email the other day?? We need to catch up :)


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