Making It With Allie - High Alert and Lock-down

Hello friends!
And boy do I mean FRIENDS!
We had a very alarming situation this week that has us on high alert and lock-down.
I will preface this with the fact that we live in one of those neighborhoods that has basically one way in and out and is windy and the people that are here are very deliberate in their presence.
I went to walk little the little Princess out to the bus the other day a few minutes early so we could get some sunshine and play time before she left.
My little brother is visiting, so he and his girlfriend and dog were all out and we were having fun until....
This white unmarked van pulls up and begins to WATCH the little Princess!
Bells and alarms are going off in my head so, I am taking mental notes as many details as I can.
One of the details is that this guy had very fake glasses on without lenses.
Well, her bus pulls up and the guy decided to pull up close to the bus and follow it out.
The hairs on the back of my neck are standing at attention and I grab the keys and head to the elementary.
When I get there, the van is now going past the school and the bus has turned into the school.
This trip to the school is also a very deliberate trip and is very suspect for this guy to be there.
So, I chat with the teachers and give them a frantic heads up.
They were all SO reassuring and helped me calm down.
When I got home, we spoke with a Sheriff who promised to do some investigating.
But the whole thing has left us with a bad feeling in our mouths!
And needless to say, we are all on very high alert and poor little A is on lock-down.
And the dog is figuring out how to do his business pretty quick...
But really, who does this kind of stuff???
How creepy is that?!

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  1. That is creepy! Better safe than sorry is my motto. Thanks so much for hosting Allie!

  2. That is so scary Allie! I would be doing all of the same things that you are doing!

  3. Oh wow--how scary! Every parent's worst fear. I'll say a prayer for your family that the creepy guy doesn't return!

  4. So scary! Have you told her about strangers and what she needs to do? It is freaking scary to have to tell your daughter about this but please make sure you talk to her and tell her how to handle the situation. Don't tell her that someone was watching her but what to do if a stranger approaches her.

    Keep all this close in my prayers,


  5. Oh no....I would be calling police over and over until the creep is caught! So scary! I am a criminal justice graduate student, the things I've seen and heard leave me very jumpy and aware. I bug my mom all the time to be more cautious! Stay safe and never hesitate to call the police if you see the van again. Take precautions inside your house too!

  6. That totally CREEPY! I would freak out too. Hope everything is alright now and the van wont be back.
    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Unfortunately there is evil in the world. Good for you for being aware & assertive!!!

  8. OMG my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family - keep them close - that it truly one of my biggest fears. We really need harsher punishment for those type of bad people. You have a large number of people praying for your protection. And your mother's intuition may have just saved your child and others.
    Much love
    Stephanie @ grinninglikeanidiot.com

  9. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  10. Wow...what a story. I am sure you went into full momma bear mode and would have done anything to make sure A was safe!! It was great that you reported it. Funny that you wrote this post because alot of that has been happening here. I have gotten 7 'stranger' letters home from school in the past month on similar instances happening in our neighborhood. I do my own research and come to find out that there is a convicted sex offender on my block!! And she is WOMAN that fits the description of the person involved in some of the instances that we got letters about!! My kids are on lock-down too!


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