A Chair Re-Do

Good Afternoon! Another lovely day here in Logan, Utah. 
How is it where you are? 
I hope just as fabulous!

My bestie, Hollie, has this cute little salon in her home.  And she also had children.  Somewhere along the line, one of those darling children got a hold of a pair of scissor and had a run in with her salon chair...

Hollie was telling me how she dreaded having to pay someone to re-cover her chair or even having to buy a new one.  I told her that there would be none of that... We would re-cover it ourselves.  
Hollie was a little apprehensive.
But then the other day she says that she had taken the cover off and was at the local Joanns to try and get something to replace it with.  But that she was nervous. 
SO, I popped over and she had already cut her pieces out and we sewed them back together.
Ahh, the miracles of faux leather! 
Then we stretched and stapled...


Then, we had to put the chair back together...
It was a true puzzle!

Yes, and at one point we needed Hollie's husband Brian because we needed a sixth hand...

And in the end, we conquered the reclining salon chair! Yay!
It looks SO much better!
(Even in mobile phone pics :) )

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  1. Whoa! Good job kiddos!

  2. Whoa! Good job kiddos!

  3. I showed these pictures to my husband so he could appreciate the complexity of that chair. Go Holly! For diving right into that impossible task. Maybe she was channeling my father who was an upholstering engineer.


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