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Hello friends!
Are you all enjoying your summer as much as we are around here?  We are SO glad to have a proper summer season this year.  Last years summer, around these parts, was a real bust.  But we are extremely happy to walk out in the afternoon to hear the buzz of the cicada bugs and have the wet humid heat hit you just enough to send you back to the A/C to get your bathing suit on for some water fun in the sun.
Ahhh... Summer! I LOVE IT!

Yes, I will get on with it...

So, for various reasons, the toilet paper in our bathroom lived in this, now broken, glass vase.  Those of you who have children, know this just isn't practical -and I can hear you chuckling...

Well, after cleaning up this little accident and a small child with half a bottle of soft-soap smeared all over herself and the bathroom -its amazing this can be done by a 3 year old in about 13 seconds....
Anyway, I decided, we needed a less lethal place for the toilet paper.

I found this bin and decided it would be the right size for holding toilet paper and extra hand-towels.

It just needed a little something extra.
I didn't have my sewing machine, but that has never stopped me. 
I had my iron and my lovely Cricut. Have I told you how much I love my Cricut? Well, I do.
I ironed some heat-n-bond onto some coordinating fabrics and ran it through the Cricut.
And Voila!

Now, back to playing in the out-doors!

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  1. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party this week!

  2. Leave it to you to come up with something so cute!! Surprised you even had the TP in the vase..LOL!


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