Lunch Sack

We got the school list for AuBrynne this week.  I am SO happy that she is excited to be going to school! She asks several thousand times a day if she can go to school right now.  I hope its that she likes learning. 

Well, anyways, they have a list... You all know about the lists. 
There are expected things and unexpected items. 
I was expecting to see crayons, glue sticks, scissors and the like.

I was not expecting to see Slippers.  
There is a fabulous explanation!  It helps keep the classroom clean and QUIET!
I knew these were smart ladies running the place!
I am sure I could keep my wits about me better if the place were cleaner and quieter.
I jest.   

AuBrynne will also need a Cloth Napkin.
O...K...But this is so smart too!
Its for when they have lunch.  They will set their own places to eat with their napkin to define their space.

Now, I had expected to see a lunch sack on the list.  I had been thinking about this for a while. 
I wanted to make her a cute one. But I wanted it to be insulated.  So, I cut some insulation batting and sandwiched it between some oilcloth and some laminated knit. 
 I sewed it up real quick and cut the edge with some pinking shears. 
 A couple of buttons and an elastic and I have this cute lunch sack to keep the cool stuff cool and the warm stuff warm. 
It turned out pretty cute! And it can be wiped clean with a wet wash cloth. Yay!

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  1. Cute! I finally found your link again, my hard drive crashed and i lost it! Very cute idea!

  2. Oh...you are good! It turned out so cute. Sounds like her school is run by some pretty smart ladies..LOL!


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