Making It With Allie - Features

Hey Friends! You all are so Crafty, and I love it!
He are some inspiring highlights from the last party!

Thanks to everyone who linked up this week!
Grab a Featured button from the left sidebar if your project was featured.
And come on back on Thursday for the next party!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Mirro!! What a great group - after looking through those I'm starving!! :) The tilapia, breadsticks and trifle would all be great right about now.

  2. What are you kidding? You can't show me trifle right before bed. Mean.....
    That magnetic makeup board is wicked!

  3. mmmm......... triiiiifle. That rainbow waffle looks kinda funky :D


    The Creative Muslimah

  4. Aww, thanks SO much for featuring my trifle! I'm so glad you find it as tempting as my family does. ;) I've got my Mom hooked on your blog now, too. She made the breadsticks the other night and loved them!

    I'm now officially a follower one of your followers! I thought I was when I first found your blog, but apparently I never clicked the button!

  5. I am liking that mirror too!! And those breadsticks at the end....it is making me want some pasta :)


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