Sakura Spring Dress

A while back, eons ago in blogger-time, my dear friend Holly over at 504Main held a little giveaway.
She was giving away Silhouette products.
She had shown projects she had done without the cutter but with the products.
They were WAY cool.
You should check out her blog, 504Main to see them!
Well, I have been sitting on the products for a while, contemplating just what to do with them.
Then, I was lucky enough to get a Silhouette and have been singing along with it...
(if you have one, you know it sings, right?)
Then I decided that I really need to try this Heat Transfer Material.
It was in yellow, which is a hard color for me to work with.
It's just not in my general color palette, you know?
Well, I had one of those "Duh!" moments when I was looking through some knits in my stash for another project.
So, I stopped what I was doing, Sorry Hollie, your jeans wont be mended till next week...
Well, I got to work with the Silhouette Studio.
I started with a simple Sakura flower.
Do you know what a Sakura flower is?
Cherry Blossom
I made lots and lots of them.  Rotated them. Made them different sizes.
Then arranged them in the shape of shirt bodice piece.
Then followed the easy-peasy instructions on the Heat Transfer Material.
Then I applied it to my fabric piece.

Can I tell you just how FABULOUS this Heat Transfer Material is??
This is not your craft-store will do for 1 wash stuff.
This stuff is in it for the long kid-wearing/washing haul!
It is nearly effortless at being flawless!
I am a huge fan! And can't wait to get more colors!

So, I was nearly ready to take pictures when my sweet Angel told me it didn't sparkle enough.
So, I got the hotfix crystals out.

Have a look at how it turned out!

Then I got inspired and made a matching fascinator:

Thanks Holly for the fun products! I have the best fun with them!

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  1. How talented are you?

    And look at your wee lassie working wot her mamma gave her! The perfect wee model. Adorable!

    The outfit is just perfect and the bling made it fit for a princess.

  2. I really need to hire you to just be my fashion designer...LOL! You are just too creative. I can only pay you in my friendship and maybe babysitting. Is that okay?? I am so glad you tested the heat transfer material. Now I can go ahead and buy some!! A looks like a diva as usual. And her matching headband completes the outfit!!

  3. That's totally gorgeous! Well done!

  4. Cute dress, cuter little gal!

  5. How fun! I love that dress. Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All.



  6. So adorable....you make the cutest dresses!

  7. Such an adorable dress.. and the headband is soo cute I can't stand it. Your model by the way is perfect .. such a riot in her poses! Love her! Thanks so muc for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  8. What an amazing dress!! And that matching headband is too stinkin' cute!!

    Thanks for linking @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

  9. Great job - I love those flowers too. I haven't had great luck with their heat transfer staying on very well - maybe I need to use more delicate cuts like yours. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  10. Allie, I love what you did with the silhouette transfer material! Such a beautiful little dress! I love the rhinestone embellishments too! And, of course, your model couldn't be any cuter!

    Thank you for linking up to "A Little Birdie Told Me..."!


  11. Wow! That is fabulous!! I love the dress, just gorgeous!

  12. Wow, from Silhouette!?! What a beautiful job you did with it. I'm not into yellow either, but this combination really turned out nice.

    Love how your angel said it didn't sparkle enough - lol! At least now it's sparkly!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the party! I featured you over at the Sunburnt Cow.


  13. love! The addition of the fascinator is perfect!!


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