Thank You Disney

I have told you all about my little curly-haired terrorist Angel, right?
She has these stinking ADOR-I-ABLE "Spring-Curls".

I love her beautiful Springy Curls!
They make me giggle!

AuBrynne doesn't like them as much.
People touch them and comment about them all the time when we are out and about.
In fact, when we travel different places,
 like say -Hawaii -she gets A LOT of attention from other tourists.
By the end of our trip when anybody comes to start looking at her hair,
she will put her hands on her hair and say, "It's MY hair!"
Like they are going to take her hair from her or something.
Even with all of the admiration, she still wishes she didn't have curls.

Now, up until a few months ago,
AuBrynne was less than happy about sitting through a hair blow-out session.
She would not let a flat iron NEAR her head!
But then! Then Disney's Tangled came out.

And that was the beginning of a whole new world around here!
Along with wanting every Tangled toy and accessory available
AND having everything in lavender and pink,
It also gave way to a VERY patient little girl!
She will let me blow out her hair and even flat-iron it!

Now this is all fine every once in a while, right?
It IS pretty...
You can REALLY see the Reba-Red ribbons of hair when it's straight...
But now every morning, my little girl wants to have her hair blown out every day!
And even I can say: Once a week is enough.
But yesterday, I had promised Lil' A she could have her hair straight.
We Shampooed and deep conditioned (pre-cautionary to prevent breakage)
and then we took the hair-dryer to it and then the flat iron.
Good thing she has a 4 year old sized head...

And off to school she went!

Don't mind that she is wearing 24 month clothing...

Well, Lil' A came home and had that lovely superfine SAND in her hair!
Good heavens, me! I just barely finished blowing out that hair!
Darn it!
But even further, how the heck am I gonna get this sand out?!
Sand is just sharp bits of glass in really tiny form!
It's going to break off her hair if I don't get it out pretty quick!

I remember hearing somewhere that baby-powder is the trick.
So, I go the baby powder out and poured it onto her scalp.
And then shook my fingers through and my goodness!
-90% of the sand was gone like that!
A good brush through with a really dense brush, and another 5% was out!
In the end, I did have to give her another shampoo,
where she had her hair under the water and the heavier sand fell out to the bottom of the tub.

But hear I am with a girl who wants straight hair, AGAIN.
And do you know what her response was this morning when
I reminded her that she shouldn't put sand in her hair?
But the sand was the SAME color as Rapunzel's hair!
I wanted my hair JUST like Rapunzel!
Oh when you grow up little girl, you will love your ever reddening red hair...
So, You know I got out the hair dryer and re-did it. For the second day in a row.
I don't dare show her Little Mermaid -she might want me to make her a tail!
So, I have to say: Thank You, Disney.
Thanks for making this lovely Tangled movie.
Thank you for helping me bone up on my straight-hair-blow-out.

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  1. OK that girl-angel-terrorist is adorable both ways!

  2. I am hysterical laughing!!! She is a hoot. I have to say, I love her curls, but I love her hair straight even more :) Hopefully she doesn't put sand in it and you can get a good 3 days out of the straightened version. I am surprised she doesn't have a Rapunzel wig...LOL!

  3. She has gorgeous hair curly and straight!!

  4. I swear this kid is some serious eye candy, she puts a smile on my face every time you share pictures of her. And what a headstrong little lady she is!
    But... hang on a sec... do complete strangers actually TOUCH her hair? Bleeding heck, that is a bit much, poor lassie! I am not surprised she gets cheesed off! I would swap her curls for my hair any time (stray dog blonde dyed black, reckon she's a taker?), and she can even leave the sand in for the swap.

  5. Aww this will be a really sweet story to tell her when she's older. What a beautiful little girl you have!

  6. She is just so precious!! I remember my niece (Angie if you saw their bday post on my page) has really long super curly hair. She also LOVES to have it blown out! AND I love Love LOOOOOVE Tangled! I think Alie and I have watched it AT LEAST 3 times a week every week since we got it!!!


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