The Ex-Boyfriend T-shirt Dress

So, I have had this shirt for several years.  It was an ex-boyfriends shirt that was left at my place.  I had always looked at it and thought, "Hmmm... I REALLY could totally make something cute with this...." However, I still used it to paint and do other messy jobs in [crazy]. So, the other day, I got that urge to actually do it. You know how that goes.  When you get the inspiration, you have to act or it will be another 6 years in the closet... 
I am very bad about taking before photos, so, Sorry. No before pic.  But what I can say is that what is now the front of the dress was previously the back of the shirt.  I added the white band and ruffles with cotton/spandex knit that was similar enough to the original fabric, albeit less faded.  I also added with that same fabric and some 1.5 inch elastic; a shelf bra.  And because I made the shelf bra, it actually holds my girls.
Upon sending my father a quick cell-phone pic I thought he would ask when his Number 6 jacket would be finished, but he actually said my Uncle Homer would appreciate the dress. Do with that what you will... LOL-I love you Uncle Homer...
AuBrynne said, "Oooh! Princess Mommie Dress!!" And she used my favorite of her new words, "You look GORGEOUS!"
So yay! Its now something to wear out and about this summer if it will just warm up!

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