Leggings, Leggings, and Some more Leggings

So, Monday afternoon we received a call saying that the pre-school has been fighting a Bee problem and they decided to have the pest control out to take care of it once and for all.  The pest control guy said that it would be safer to not have the little ones there for the week. 
So, the first day of school has been postponed until Monday. 
I didn't have the heart (nerve) to tell her the bees are likely nesting between the floors in the rafters...
If you want the scoop on that, email me some time.
Anyway, I thought I would make some leggings to coordinate with the rest of AuBrynnes school clothes.
These leggings are made to be long enough to be just "yoga" waist-band. 
The bottom hem got a lettuce edge treatment.
And the fabric on these babies are so sweet!  It's a cotton/spandex blend.  Like 94% Cotton.  They are that perfect T-shirt fabric, only printed.  SO, they are even more perfect for leggings. 
I might have to make myself some!


Ok.  So, AuBrynne grabbed this purse today and brought it to me and this was the conversation
Little A: Look Mom! A Man-Bag!
Big A: (sewing...): Yes, honey, a man -excuse me??
Little A: A Man-Bag!
Big A: Man.... Bag.... (light-bulb goes on...) Man-Bag! So you can still be tough and hold your stuff!
Yep! It sure is! 
You see, lately, it's been all about the Madagascar Movies... There is this old lady with this style of purse and it gets given to the antagonist of the story with the Man-Bag... line.  It had us rolling to hear her say it!

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15 Seconds. Really. I Promise.

This weekend has been super busy.  I feel like I haven't gotten a moment to sit still.  Literally. 
But I found a quick 15 seconds for a quick Princess dress. 
Seriously, it was literally 15 seconds. 
I had found this Disney Princess pre-shirred fabric. 
Being pre-shirred, it meant that I only needed , like, 12 inches of it. 
And the even better part about this fabric -it was already hemmed.
So, it literally meant that I only had to line it up (2 seconds) and a simple stitch up the back seam. 
And that, my dears, took all of 13 seconds.
For play clothes, you can't go wrong with that.  And Miss AuBrynne LOVES it.
Its the go-to dress up play piece.

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Really? Really?!

Ok.  This is not the normal stuff I post....
BUT in the past few days, it seems as all the "flashy" cars are out in force around here. 
Like, we saw a tricked out BARBIE Pink Altima on Thursday.  I wish I had my camera at that point... I drove a very pink (magenta) Chevy Beretta for a good while... And everybody called it "The Barbie" car.  But next to this one, mine looked like a miss-spelled-knock-off of a Barbie car.  Seriously.  It was an pearlized sugary pink with smoked lens covers and super-black tinted windows.  There were several people taking cell phone pics of it both when we were coming and going...
I thought I had seen the best of it with that one... Until we saw this one in the parking lot of a local Arbys...  was glad I had my camera so I could slow down and take a snap of it!

Ok.  Have you stopped laughing? Because we laughed for at least 5 minutes on this one.
Seriously? The rims without the tires don't fit in the wheel well!
Now, what would you do in that situation?
Wait. Smaller rims is the wrong answer?!
Lift kit?!
Really? Really?!
Come on!
A lifted Monte Carlo?!
There is no buying taste, right?

Anyways, just had to share the laugh with you all.
Hope it made you chuckle!

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Grey Is Chic - Shannon

I like Grey. 
I like stripes. 
I like ruffles. 
I like floral. 
Today I put all these things together for a littl e school dress for the resident model. 
I had to wrestle it off her to eat her spaghetti dinner...
Anyways, we're calling this little lady Shannon.

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Counting Down the Days Until School Begins!

I can't believe that there are only 6 days until Montessori begins!
AuBrynne is SO excited. 
We stopped by this afternoon to have a look at her new classroom.  To kind of get acquainted. 
Everybody there was getting ready and it looks like its going to be a whole lot of fun! 

It reminded me that I needed to get her school pack together. 
The teachers have asked that each child have a bag with some extra clothes in case they get wet while washing their dishes or get paint on themselves while painting.

I figured I could make her a pretty cute little pack, pretty quickly. 
It turned out pretty cute. 
I used some clear vinyl and a purse zipper that is black with pink teeth. 
And, I was able to use my Cricut too! 
Here it is:

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Calling In Sick - Mom-style

Ok. So, I have caught whatever this aweful bug the baby has gotten.  And let me tell you it is AWEFUL! So, I am going to try and continue with the blog changes from my bed.  Maybe the timber of my voice will go back to normal, rather than being that of a croaking frog.  I hope to be up and running sooner than later.
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...But Mom, I want It tucked In!...

Do your kids always want their shirts tucked in?
Or their jeans have to to be rolled up just so?
Or something else? 
AuBrynne likes certain shirts to be tucked in.  And some jeans she want rolled up. 
It's very funny.
And cute.

Well, I did throw a little top together for her crinkle skirt. 
It turned out pretty cute.  She likes it, at least. 
However, she insists the shirt get tucked in.
It looks cute either way.

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Calling In Sick

The resident model in our house, AuBrynne, called in sick today. 
But anybody who has a three year old knows, that when they call in sick, generally,
you get to stay up with them at night...
That was my last night.  The Bug was REALLY snorgly last night.  I swear, it comes on SO fast! And they are restless because they can't breath.  And they dig their toes right between your ribs when you try to get a wink or two of sleep... Oh, I can't wait till she feels better enough to sleep in her own bed...
But you think a little lack of sleep would stop me? Nah, just slow the start of the morning up a bit. 

Well, I watched Project Runway last night; as I am sure most of you all did.  I am not going to go into who went home or who should have... But, I had one of those moments of: DUH!  One of the designers used a technique we have all used on many occasions around here: Twist and Steam.  And it dawned on me! That remnant of fabric you have been going: Meh... I got nothing for inspiration on this one...
Well, I decided while The Bug is napping to throw this one together fast. 

Please forgive me for the dress form pictures -I'm not gonna wake that baby to take pictures.
But I will make a coordinating top at show it to you all later.

So, more to come soon!

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Channeling the 80's

Remember way back when... When we were in grade school and we wore neons and rubber bracelets and lacy skirts, trying to look like Madonna in the "Lucky-Star" era?  And our mother's aghast at the thought of letting her dear daughters out looking like that? And do you think: Ah -No. I would never like any of those photos to surface for public viewing? Yea.  Well. I frequent our local Super-Target pretty often for groceries and what-nots. And like to take a look through the kiddie clothes now and then to see "what's up".  And for a while, I have been feeling quite nostalgic about it all.  
So, I couldn't help myself when I saw this Fuscia lace... PRE-CUT! One of the reasons not to make those cute tulle-y twirly skirts very often, is all the cutting! 
But, you can buy the tulle and the lace pre-cut on nice spools! Sweet! 
So, the 80"s Designer in me struggled out and helped me come up with this little number.  AuBrynne, of course, Loves it.  It's "frilly" enough for her. And she actually started dancing while taking the pictures!
It was SO cute!



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