Calling In Sick

The resident model in our house, AuBrynne, called in sick today. 
But anybody who has a three year old knows, that when they call in sick, generally,
you get to stay up with them at night...
That was my last night.  The Bug was REALLY snorgly last night.  I swear, it comes on SO fast! And they are restless because they can't breath.  And they dig their toes right between your ribs when you try to get a wink or two of sleep... Oh, I can't wait till she feels better enough to sleep in her own bed...
But you think a little lack of sleep would stop me? Nah, just slow the start of the morning up a bit. 

Well, I watched Project Runway last night; as I am sure most of you all did.  I am not going to go into who went home or who should have... But, I had one of those moments of: DUH!  One of the designers used a technique we have all used on many occasions around here: Twist and Steam.  And it dawned on me! That remnant of fabric you have been going: Meh... I got nothing for inspiration on this one...
Well, I decided while The Bug is napping to throw this one together fast. 

Please forgive me for the dress form pictures -I'm not gonna wake that baby to take pictures.
But I will make a coordinating top at show it to you all later.

So, more to come soon!

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  1. I guess now we know who got you sick..LOL! I love that you can just 'throw' this together while she is taking a nap :)


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