Leggings, Leggings, and Some more Leggings

So, Monday afternoon we received a call saying that the pre-school has been fighting a Bee problem and they decided to have the pest control out to take care of it once and for all.  The pest control guy said that it would be safer to not have the little ones there for the week. 
So, the first day of school has been postponed until Monday. 
I didn't have the heart (nerve) to tell her the bees are likely nesting between the floors in the rafters...
If you want the scoop on that, email me some time.
Anyway, I thought I would make some leggings to coordinate with the rest of AuBrynnes school clothes.
These leggings are made to be long enough to be just "yoga" waist-band. 
The bottom hem got a lettuce edge treatment.
And the fabric on these babies are so sweet!  It's a cotton/spandex blend.  Like 94% Cotton.  They are that perfect T-shirt fabric, only printed.  SO, they are even more perfect for leggings. 
I might have to make myself some!


Ok.  So, AuBrynne grabbed this purse today and brought it to me and this was the conversation
Little A: Look Mom! A Man-Bag!
Big A: (sewing...): Yes, honey, a man -excuse me??
Little A: A Man-Bag!
Big A: Man.... Bag.... (light-bulb goes on...) Man-Bag! So you can still be tough and hold your stuff!
Yep! It sure is! 
You see, lately, it's been all about the Madagascar Movies... There is this old lady with this style of purse and it gets given to the antagonist of the story with the Man-Bag... line.  It had us rolling to hear her say it!

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  1. Those leggings are great! Dontcha love the lettuce edge trick? Do you have a pattern or tute for your leggings or do you just wing it? I really want to make some for Wednesday!

  2. Ok...are you making the leggings for yourself as I write this? You already named a dress after me, so you can't name the leggings 'Jennifer'...LOL! They look super comfy :)

  3. Very cute! Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  4. Are you going to do a tutorial for these? I have many grand daughters who would love these, especially the shoes.

  5. hey those are so darn cute i want some jk! no really i do


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