...But Mom, I want It tucked In!...

Do your kids always want their shirts tucked in?
Or their jeans have to to be rolled up just so?
Or something else? 
AuBrynne likes certain shirts to be tucked in.  And some jeans she want rolled up. 
It's very funny.
And cute.

Well, I did throw a little top together for her crinkle skirt. 
It turned out pretty cute.  She likes it, at least. 
However, she insists the shirt get tucked in.
It looks cute either way.

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  1. She is being independent...let her tuck it in..LOL! It does look cute either way. I just get a kick out of her when she models. I think you should really get her some head shots :)

  2. That is sweet! I love watching their personalities and tastes come out.

  3. She looks like she should be shopping in Hawaii. This is a real cute one! Love it!


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