15 Seconds. Really. I Promise.

This weekend has been super busy.  I feel like I haven't gotten a moment to sit still.  Literally. 
But I found a quick 15 seconds for a quick Princess dress. 
Seriously, it was literally 15 seconds. 
I had found this Disney Princess pre-shirred fabric. 
Being pre-shirred, it meant that I only needed , like, 12 inches of it. 
And the even better part about this fabric -it was already hemmed.
So, it literally meant that I only had to line it up (2 seconds) and a simple stitch up the back seam. 
And that, my dears, took all of 13 seconds.
For play clothes, you can't go wrong with that.  And Miss AuBrynne LOVES it.
Its the go-to dress up play piece.

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  1. Raquel said she wanted "a flow-y skirt." This looks like a good application for that fabric. Does it come in Hello Kitty? You interested in the project? (I'm not...)

  2. Ok...the dresses I made were just like that, shirred already. I love it. So easy and super cute. I think I might have to try the shirring myself now because I bought every fabric that JoAnn's had like that. Can't beat that for a quick play dress for AuBrynne.


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