Is it really a weed?

I have this little flower garden.  It has some Flox and some Dianthis and some Allysum.  
In previous years, its had Petunias or Vinca flowers. 
Randomly, this year a few purple-violet Pansies appeared.  There has never been Pansies in that bed before. Head-scratcher.
Now, I know these are cold weather flowers.  I thought that I would put my new Dianthis in and once the weather was consistently over 80 degrees, they would die and  would pluck them out.  And given they are the color that I really wanted to do in that bed, it couldn't do any harm, right?
Well, a few months of consistently nearly 90 degrees and guess what?
 It's not 3 little buds. 

It's this explosion!

So, I've left them.  Even though, technically, they are a weed. 

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  1. This cluster attracted a Sphinx Moth once. More interesting than the plant, I think.


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