Big Shoes To Fill

AuBrynne LOVES to take the dog out to "peep".
Usually, I hear the door slide open and for a couple of minutes I hear,
 "Teddie, Go Peep!... Good boy!"
Then the door slides shut with little Teddie circling for a treat.

Well, yesterday, there was a REALLY long time of silence.
I had a peek to find that AuBrynne had put her coat on,
over her ballerina outfit...
And added her Grandfather's boots.

Now, to most people wouldn't think much of this, but those boots:
For those not "on the know", 16fff is, well, big.
Like Super-Double-Wide big.
NBA player Yao Ming wears an 18 and he is 7'6''!

These shoes make my VERY tall 4 year old look miniature!
Little AuBrynne has suprisingly little square feet for her height,
so it makes me chuckle at the irony.

She sure had fun in the snow...
And I was glad the camera was close!

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  1. Lovely funny cute pics! Your snow is magnificent too...so much and so white!

  2. I can't believe she tries to to take Teddie out herself!! She is a character. At least she was smart enough to know she needed boots with all of the snow. BTW, I don't feel so bad looking out my window, you guys have a heck of alot more snow :)

  3. So funny!! She is so adorable, Allie!!!! Hug her for me! :)

  4. LOL! What cute photos. Gotta love those boots (not to mention going "peep" - very Eastery!)


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