One Thankful Girl!

 Hello friends!
I am one Thankful girl this week!
Lots of stuff going on!
And I am super excited.

First, my BBF (Bloggie Bestie Forever), Jennifer, sent me a box!
She so sweetly made this sweet sign that went straight into my crafting area!

And then this sweet little note-book!
Jennifer agrees with me on shoes -women NEED pretty shoes :)

A bowl for our new puppy, Teddie.

And a super fun Toy Story book for AuBrynne.
So fun in fact that she wont let me have it for 12 seconds to take a picture of it...
It has all these fun little Toy Story figurines and a mat of Andy's room.
It is WAY fun!

Now, I can here you saying:
Allie, What is up with the amateur photos??

Well, Jennifer hosts a party each week over on her blog, Circle of Love and All the Craziness Around It.
It is called Phone Photo Friday
You link up your phone photos...
I wanted to participate, so I did this with my {failing} phone.
Press this button to go there, now!

Ok, Second!
Grey Luster Girl and Pottery Bard inspired me to make this little plate last week:

Well, I am glad to say that MANY of you ladies featured it!!
I want to thank these Bloggers who featured it! (that I know about )

Feature Button

Sumo Sweet Stuff

And Tatertots and Jello featured it as part of her
Great Valentine's Ideas

And All Thingz Related featured it on her Facebook page this week!

And how flattering is this?? Over at Lil' Luna, she is making 5 of these and giving them away!
Go amd leave her a nice comment and enter to win one!

Thirdly, a whole slew of you have nominated me for a couple of blogger awards:
The Stylish Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger Award


With these awards I'm supposed to tell some things about myself and nominate some other blogs.
Guess what?
For various reasons, I wont go into, I'm not going to do this.
Yes, I am a kill-joy. But remember how I said I was really busy, earlier.... Yea.
So, to all of you who have passed it on to me, please spread the love to another deserving blogger!
I would LOVE that!

Lastly, I am making a much of little updates and changes to the blog...
Like, there is now AllieMakes Mobile!
It's faster if you surf on your mobile device...
AND There are now little icons at the bottom of each post that help you link things via social networking
-which I will be trying to get onboard with...
Thank You Holly -504Main!

So, I think that is it... If not, I will be back!
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  1. Your so welcome for your 'package.' Just wanted you to know that I am glad 'blogging' has connected us in real life..LOL! And thanks for linking up at my little party :) Oh, I saw your dish on a couple of those sites...congrats on some awesome exposure :)


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