March Jewelry

You guys are going to get a few more St. Patty's Day crafts from me,
simply because we were all sick and I wasn't able to share them.

My mother and I both made some jewelry for St. Patrick's Day this year.
This Lucky Necklace, my mother should hide if she wants to keep it...
Cuz I LOVE this one!
And think she should give it to her child with the darkest hair :)

Then she made bracelets like this one for all of us, even lil' AuBrynne!

Then I made this little guy.
I made then scrapped and re-made this necklace a dozen times.
Then I was tinkering with some glass vase filler beads...
And what do you know? They fit into the little necklace piece I had!
So, I put those and some little Orange hotfix crystals in then some Dimensional Magic, and Voila!
I have a question for you crafty ladies to follow the pics

And one with this creepy ring holder...

So I need to ask you all a question about this Modge Podge Dimensional Magic stuff!
After a week or so, I am finding the Dimensional Magic goes cloudy, for lack of a better word.
It take on this blue-ish tone and is still pretty transparent, but NOT.
Does this make sense?
I have done some looking around, and have read that you have to use a sealer if you are using printed from your printer paper.  But I am having this happen on ALL my projects!
Which is really sad, because some of them were already given as gifts.
Does anybody have any tips on this issue?
Or causes, like: You have nannites in your house, Allie...
Or: Oh its simple chemistry, Allie...

Ok.  So help me out with this one, cuz, I think this stuff could be so FUN!

Have you visited my Linky-Party Directory?
I like to link my projects up on all the places there!
If your linky party is not listed because I have not linked there, or maybe don't know about it
Please Feel Free To Add It! :)
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  1. Sigh....I have a very soft spot for green jewelry. Well, orange and green. My favorite colors are emerald and tangerine. Anyways, before I go any further blabbing on about myself, I just wanted to say that I'd knock over my grandmother to get that bracelet.

  2. I don't know about the mod podge issue...sorry :(
    But that jewelry is lookin mighty spiffy if i do say so myself :)

  3. I don't know about the mod podge either :-/ But your green jewellery is very funky! If it helps at all, I use the stuff from this store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SunAndMoonCraftKits?section_id=5478821 instead of dimensional magic and have found it to be great :)

  4. You ladies are just all around crafty...LOL! I love the necklace you made...I totally see you in green. Sorry, I have no answer on the Modge Podge thing either...LOL!

  5. Allie - I'm having the exact same issue with cloudiness. I'm using paint as my base, not printed objects. Some of pieces are remaining clear and others are clouding. I'd love any input as well.

  6. wow Allie, beautiful jewellery.. I specially love the necklace.. very creative :)

  7. Allie; I too am have the cloudiness issue. I tried it on 1 inch buttons, 1 coat, then 2 coats, even tried heat from a hair dryer ... and very disappointed because it never cleared up. I see other sites reviews and they say they love it, because it dries clear. It just does not dry clear for ME! Maybe we both have "nannites" ? I was so ready to LOVE this stuff ... boo hoo. Your jewelry is GORGEOUS by the way :) HEIDI in CA


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