Like a Sister...

Today I want to introduce you to a BFF in my life.  She is one of those women that you audibly envy.  And privately try to emulate without being completely obvious about it.  Her name is Hollie Nielsen Williams.  Hollie is a Super-Woman!  She owns her own very successful business.  People wait on a waiting list for EVER.  She is going through school right ow to become a nurse. And it's a breeze to her.  Hollie has been through an eventful life and still has a positive outlook.  And she is a fabulous mother to 5 kids! Three of her own and 2 step-children. And they all love her.
Hollie came out to Chicago in March for a week to visit. She helped me prepare the 60th Surprise Birthday party for my mother and she did our hair color and cuts.  Hollie and I talked about making some Easter dresses for the girls.  We got her handy husband Brian to Skype with us and he measured all of the girls.  I designed the dresses and had her girls sign off on the designs.  I decided to make Hollie a dress also but it would be a surprise for her. Then constructed them then popped them into the mail to Lovely-Logan. 
Hollie had her EXTREMELY talented sister Ginger Nielsen Voth to take photographs of them all in their dresses.  I had seen some of Ginger's work, but I was stunned at how fabulous they came out!  I don't know how I'm gonna be able to get Ginger to photograph all my stuff now... Seriously!  She makes my stuff look REALLY good! Not that the models weren't stunning to begin with... Everything just came together very nicely with the whole set of dresses. 
Thank You Hollie, Sami, Sophi, Lainey, Brian, Ashlyn, Brock and Ginger! I love You! 
Here is a little video of the photos they sent me!


  1. Lol, you crack me up! Your dresses turned out darling! Good job Alli!

  2. Wait, I was 50! Ask Todd. And thank you Holly. I agree with every word she said. You rock! And I can' wait to see you again!


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