Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, AuBrynne gave me something that was absolutely fabulous.  I made her a dress and she stayed in it ALL day.  A L L  D A Y .  And didn't get it dirty! The one of the best Mother's Day gifts!
With a cute cardigan.
And she kept the band-aid on her chin all day too.  I guess she figured making mom neurotic could have a break too...  I love her!  And I love my mom too.  She took AuBrynne to church with her and I had some real quiet time.  It was fabulous!


  1. Remarkable on many levels. Remarkable kid first of all. Remarkable dress. Remarkable it stayed clean. And most remarkable, it's the only dress she had on the whole day? Seriously? No dress changing throughout the day? Remarkable.

  2. Thank You! I was so happy to see her in it all day. But return to normal on Monday with multiple dress changes... "Back to the laundry" she told me, with a whip in her hand...

  3. How cute! Talk about talent! I am coming by to say Hello from these creative juices. Emily jandeecrafts.blogspot.com

  4. She is a doll!! That dress is so fun and cute~

  5. What an adorable dress! I love it! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your creative juices!

  6. You are so talented! What an amazing dress! Your daughter looks precious in it.


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