New Pillows for the Couch with Tutorial!

I had some fabric left over from the stairs, and decided that these pillows on my couch needed to be replaced.  I mean, really, they are from the old couch that no longer exists...:
So, I decided I wanted to do a very simple "flange" styled pillow, because the pattern was so cool, it didn't need ruffles or other stuff.

And I actually documented the process! So I get a gold star for the day!

First: Cut your desired squares of fabric.  Measure your pillow form and add 2.5 inches on every side. 

Second: With right sides together, sew a half inch seam around all but about 8 inches of the square in the middle of one side; locking the stitches at the corners and ends.

Third: Clip the corners for nice corners when pressed. Be sure not to clip into your corner seam, but get as close as you can without weakening the seam.
Turn your case inside out.  (Now your right sides are out)

Fourth: Press your seams with an iron.  For crisp seams, use a pointer or seam ripper to pull the seam as you iron it.  Turn over and press the other side, also.

 Fifth: Pin your cover down and sew a seam 2 inches from the outer edge (on the right sides of your fabric), Again, leaving the same edge open several inches so that you can get your pillow-form squeezed in.

Sixth: Open your old pillow and get your stuffing out, OR open your pillow-form from its plastic wrap.

Seventh: Carefully push your stuffing in and start to pin your opening closed at least 3 inches from the edge.  This will make it so that you can sew it closed without growing two more functioning arms.  However, you may find that you still will need two more arms... So, ask your trusted sewing companion to come squeeze and help guide your pillow through the machine while you sew a straight line- It's actually a fun trick that will impress your guests... Ok. It's not, but it certainly will make you laugh (or curse) while you are doing it. But I digress.
Sew your opening shut.
Then slip stitch the outer edge together and Voila!

Eighth: Rinse and Repeat!

I hope you all enjoyed my first tutorial.  Let me know if there are more tutorials that you would like to see. 

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  1. love the fabric!! they look really good :) my favorite color is pink :)


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