Some Fast Makeovers

So, in preparation of some family visitors, I decided to make the stairs down to the lower level a little more fresh and nice.  That really is a nice way to put it.  The stairs were the original "working" stairs meant to be covered with long fiber carpeting. Being the allergic family that we are, we do as little of the porous fibers that we can. So, not carpeted stairways.  So, how does one make utility stairs look nice? Be Crafty! 

I had the thought to decoupage some great paper I had found, but did not hat enough to do all of the stairs. So, we set out to find some more.  We went to our neighborhood Hobby Lobby. No such luck.  But I did find a darn near perfect match to the paper.  Only it was even better!  It was fabric! It is way more durable than paper would be, and no matching prints!  Yay!

So, the rises all got a fresh coat of white paint for a nice even base.  When the paint had dried overnight I was ready to decoupage the fabric on.  I measured each strip of fabric and cut then slapped on the Modge-Podge and stuck the fabric on.  Once all the fabric was smoothed, I slathered on some more decoupage.

The treads also got a little face-lift.  With wood grain contact paper!  Then a layer of Clear contact paper for durability.  I think they look FANTASTIC!  And they are totally me! Pink, graphic and a bit "peek-a-boo-ish". Here is the finished project:
When the real treads go in, the rises will have to be replaced also, and I will be disappointed to see them go...

I also wanted to let my bestie, Hollie and her family, Ginger and her family, and also their brother and sister and their families, and their mother Kaye and family that our thoughts and prayers are with them today.  And that I love you!


  1. Wonderful! I love redone stairs, there is soooo much more one can do than simply carpet them. And yours are no exception. An explosion of pretty!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  2. They look great! Never woulda thought that was contact paper!


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