Clock Make-Over

Today, among a load of errands, I was able to re-do this wall clock that I had found at Walmart in a clearance bin for a a whole $1.99. It matched the color of the Plum that was to be the color of my room.  But I have not gotten to painting it.  So, I thought I would re-do it to finally get the decor in AuBrynne's room closer to finished.  It started outlike this:
With a couple of sheets of paper cut with a fabulous Cricut and some extra pearl stickers and plastic rhinestones; I was able to get it disassembled and put back together to look like this:

So, the next few projects are going to be getting AuBrynne's room finally together... Ya know she's 3.  So, its probably time before she decides to tell me its not what she wants.

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