A Craft Fail. Sort of.

I have a daughter who has recently shown herself to be an undercover Disney Merchandising Agent.  You see, we thought that she just loved those Disney Princesses.  I had learned to strategically avoid the toy department at most retailers. But then, whenever we were in line at the grocery store she would spot them on the bottom shelf - all the way from the cart. Et-cetera, Et-cetera.
Well, lately, it seems that Disney Princesses get spotted EVERYWHERE.  And I do mean everywhere. For example, today in the canned vegetables isle; I hear the "Princess Shriek".  Sure enough I turn to look at what the Dearest (and nearest) Princess is getting all excited about.  Sure enough, there is one of those naughty isle scammers... And it was Disney Princess Finger Press-On Nails... in miniature. Ugh. And really there is no "trading" items to get out of buying those.  The stuff is like "crack-for-toddlers", I swear! So, its buy them or drag her out screaming at the top of her lungs like I'm trying to abduct her.. Gotta love a 3 year old. And Disney Merchandisers. The stuff is everywhere.
Anyway, AuBrynne Loves homemade clothing.  And she loves when I put a Disney Princess iron-on if at all possible.  So, when I say them clearanced at Joann's for less than $1, I had to treat her to a summer tunic. 
Well, because I did not measure her, I thought I would just rely on an old (1 month) pattern.  Well guess what? Its too short.  Too short to wear off the beach....


But just try getting it off the girl.  I dare ya!  So, tonight, it is pajamas.  If I can get it off of her in the morning, it will get a cute little ruffle to make it several inches longer. I swear, she's going to be a WNBA player. Or an OlympicVolleyball player...
At any rate, the iron-on is this month's favorite Princess, Belle.  I added some cute hotfix rhinestones in Canary and Fuscia for a little bling.

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  1. You're such a good mommy :) I myself have heard the "princess shriek" too many times to count lol. Great job on the tunic anyhow, still looks cute!


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