Ombre Manicure

So, I have figured out a really good method for the at home manicure that lasts a whole week.  Its more or less a "Sandwich" method. I use a product called Sticky made by Creative. An enamal color and then Super Shiney also by Creative.  The trick to this is to use THIN coats. If you wait at least 6 minutes between each coat, you can do it 20 minutes before bed and not have any sheet marks in the morning. It goes like this:
1: Stickey
2: Color
3: Stickey
4: Color
5: Stickey
6: Super Shiney
7: Spray Solar Spray Quick Dry
8: Drop of Solar Nail Cutical Oil on each cuticle
Generally at this point, I run my finger tips under the coldest tap water I can stand for a minute.

This week I did what my mother called an Ombre Manicure.  I used OPI Pompeii Purple and on the tips I used OPI Designer Series Coronation. It turned out pretty neat!

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