Today, we were able to catch Martha's show.  She made blender Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict.  It looked like it would come out pretty good, and  wanted to see if AuBrynne would like it. You see, she likes eggs every day.  I can get her to eat oatmeal for breakfast about 3 times a week.  But she prefers eggs. We will save the how specific she is about those eggs for another time, but, lets just say this: she is very specific - just ask gramma about bouncy eggs...
So, we checked our supplies:
Eggs - Check!
Course Salt - Check!
Warm Water - Check!
Unsalted Butter - Check!
Freshly Squeezed Lemon - Ah, Organic bottled? Sure.
English Muffin - Nope. Whole grain bread. Fine.
Canadian Bacon - How I wish. But organic sausage patties... Will work for our purposes.
Really she's 3....

Anyways, the method is to poach two eggs, toast two slices of bread and warm the sausage patties. While the eggs are poaching, melt a stick of butter. In your blender add your two eggs yolks, 3/4 tsp of coarse salt, 1Tbls lemon juice and 1 Tbls Warm water. Start the blender and then with a very thin stream of the butter, poar it into the running blender.  Slowely, untill it is all blended together. Let it blend for a few more moments until it starts to thicken. Voila! It's ready! I poached my egg a little softer, because I like my eggs a litle runnier.  But AuBrynne asked for "Mister Bunny" eggs (Easter Bunny Eggs), so, I poached hers further to solid.  She really liked this easy Hollandaise sauce.  We will call this version AuBrynne's Mister Bunny Egg Breakfast.

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