Easter Hunting

Hello Friends!

Yesterday was a beautiful Easter here!
We had a fun egg hunt and ate wonderful food and had naps.
I could not have asked for a better day!

Here are the pictures of the Easter hunt with AuBrynne in her finished dress
with the finished Glitter Eggs!

I had the dress finished and AuBrynne insisted it needed "sparklys", So out came the Hotfix!

When I was looking for little trinkets for the basket, I happened upon his PERFECT ring!
AuBrynne was tickled to have a Princess jewel!

Easter candies were put into these little cuties and also found in the hunt!

 And to answer the questions I know you all  will ask ☺
The dress was made from lavender polyester with a printed lavender nylon overlay, found at Joanns.
The hem was done with woolly nylon and the serger.
It has an invisible zippered closure, which made for a fun hemming job!
The rhinestone buckle came from the bridal area of Michael's.

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  1. The dress is GORGEOUS! The eggs are so sparkly and fun but SHE is stunning!!! Glad y'all had a wonderful Easter! :)

  2. So gorgeous....love the sparkles.....your daughter is so pretty!

  3. Your daughter is too cute and her dress is gorgeous!!

  4. Your dress is absolutely beautiful! Its better than anything I've seen in the stores. And your eggs turned out great. How did you do them?

  5. Oh hon, these are such lovely photos!
    Good for you, super momma!

  6. I knew A would look like a little princess! I love the dress...and the color. Is she a purple girl too....or was it you that wanted purple?? LOL! I swear, you need a store. A real little boutique where you can sell your amazing designs. Hey...you need to add some summer things to your shop so I can get an 'Allie made' item...LOL! Your eggs are awesome, much better than ours :) Will email you in the morning :)

  7. what a cutie pie! she's rockin the purple ( -:

  8. what a wonderful dress.. your lil cutie pie sure rocked the purple dress.. I love everything about the dress the color, rhinestones and offcourse the easter hunting.. :)


  9. The Easter dress really is beautiful. I am now following this blog :)

  10. So pretty! The belt is perfect and the finishing on the hem looks really nice as well!


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