Sweet Home Chicago

I've told you about my sweet bestie, Hollie, right?
Well, she came to visit me for spring break and we had loads of fun!

Here is a picture of us that my daughter took of us
fyi - I'm impressed with her picture taking skills

We try and take some time to do girly things we don't normally get to do without the kiddos.
Which includes usually includes a craft for each of he kids.
But also includes getting the worlds best pop-corn and girly hair and nails and make-up...

This year we went to look for some Chicago Cubs shirts for her girls.
Wouldn't you know it??
It was the week that the St. Patrick's Day Cubbies gear was on sale.
Normally this would be music to my ears.
But at this point it meant that all the little sizes were already purchased,
leaving regular priced gear, which is totally CRAZY-INSANELY priced.

So, you know what we did.
We got out the freezer paper and rhinestones and made our own Chicago shirts!
If I had the Silhouette at that point, this would have taken nearly NO time.
But, alas, we cut these all by hand then ironed them down.
Then we mixed our acrylic paints and fabric medium and sponged it on.

Each girl got a different font.

Then we arranged the hotfix rhinestones and fixed them on.

Then we dressed up the one Green Cubbies shirt we could find:

Apparently, I neglected to go back and add that last rhinestone -jelly brain....
Hollie, that extra rhinestone is in the mail!
They turned out SO cute!

Hollie just grabbed her phone and sent me some Phone Photos so I can participate in Jennifer's

Have a look at these cuties!

Tomorrow, I will share with you all the jewelry we made!

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  1. It looks like you had an awesome time! Thank God for bffs. I swear I'd lose my mind without mine! ♥

  2. I always love hearing about what great things you and Hollie do :) It is awesome that you guys still keep such a close friendship with the distance between you. The shirts came out great and now they have their constant reminder of you and AuBrynne!! Oh...and love your straight hair too :)

  3. Allie, it looks like you gals had a marvelous time! How wonderful to have such a good friend with which to share good times and crafty inspirations. The shirts turned out positively fab!!!



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