Fun With Dimensional Magic

Before I get started, I have to just say...

UNEXPECTED "Maintenance"? Come on. For more than 24 hours?
Come on. 
 I pay for my images to come up and my blog to be pretty and my links to work.
You, according to monetary contract we have in effect,
 are to get these linked images up and visible to the Internet traffic, at large.
I get that this happens from time to time.
But this has gone on LONG enough!
Remember The Little Mermaid?
 When Sebastian and that DoDo Bird were trying to get Ariel and Eric to kiss?
And this DoDo Bird yells: NOTHINGS HAPPENING!
That is what I feel like!
A cross between Jerry Lee and Ethel Merman getting annoyed.

Ok. That was enough, for now.

So, yesterday I showed you the Chicago t-shirts my bestie, Hollie and I made for her girls.
Well, we also made a few pieces of jewelry for her girls and mother.
We used the Dimensional Magic from Modge Podge.

Her girls each got a necklace with the first letter of their names and matching earings.

Then, we also made a bracelet for Hollie's mom.

And we made a necklace and ring for Miss Hollie.

I like how they turned out.
VERY weird.
None of these used printed paper from a printer.
These were scrapbook papers and glitter. 
So, I ask you all again:
Anybody got any suggestions?

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If your linky party is not listed because I have not linked there, or maybe don't know about it
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  1. You two need to open up some kind of store or business. Seems like you work great together!! Love the initial necklaces :)

  2. You do have an Etsy store, right? If not...why not?
    PS...this morning someone asked me where I got the fabulous bracelet I was wearing and I told them it was one of a kind and na-na-na-boo-boo you can't have one. Cuz I'm a grown up.

  3. Those all are super cute, great job!!

  4. I agree, that deal with Photobucket was rediculous. All of blogland went wonky!

    Love the jewelry. I've been looking for Dimensional Magic everywhere. Where are you getting yours?

  5. OK ladies,,,I saw all this photobucket stuff =but my blog was fine...I had to pay recently...not sure if that had anything to do with it.

    I happen to have on good authority that Triple Thick from DecoArt (possibly sprinkled with glamour dust) can do this


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