Making It With Allie - Easter Dress 2012

Hello Friends!!
How was your recent holidays of Easter and Passover?
Ours was lovely!
I love this age with kids.  They love to celebrate and learn about these fun holidays.
We did a night-time egg hunt with glow in the dark bracelets and plastic eggs.
We did a traditional Egg hunt on Sunday morning and we are still finding eggs...

I prepared Miss AuBrynne's Easter dress.
Actually, I made another one, but the fabric was being, shall we say, Cranky.
When I worked in the costume department, we called it "woodjy".
The fabric was certainly being woodjy.  I tried adjusting stitch length and needle size and even doing bias seams. Nothing helped to make the fabric cooperate.  I really don't know why I waited till I was hemming to just start again.  I guess I thought I could salvage it.  I couldn't.
So...... Thursday night, I started over.
AuBrynne and I quickly established what design she wanted and I took a deep breath.
But, it went SUPER fast!
And it turned our adorable.
I nearly had to wrestle it off her for bed that night.
She LOVES to wear it.  And her little kitten-heels we found for her.

So hear are some "blustery wind" (as AuBrynne says) photos from our Sunday morning egg hunt.
We live in the Chicagoland area, but the winds lately have been RIDICULOUS!
They were coming from every direction Sunday.

Somebody thinks she is a high-paid model...

And a sassy "model walk", haha.

Those two bottom teeth are almost all the way grown in!  I'm going to miss the lost-teeth-lisp.

AuBrynne insisted on this photo because you can see her shadow.
She is REALLY into Peter Pan right now.
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  1. The dress is beautiful!!! Wonderful job and your girl is beautiful too.

  2. The dress is gorgeous and so as your model!! Thank you for hosting!

  3. Easter dress is absolutely adorable. I bet she enJOYed the "swing" the skirt of the dress had.

  4. Such a cute dress, love the color.
    Thanks a bunch for hosting...have a great Thursday!

  5. Your daughter is such a doll and I love that dress! Thanks so much for hosting!

  6. What a beautiful dress! Thanks for hosting!


  7. So glad to have found you. Following, Linking, Enjoying.

    The dress ... and the model ... are precious.

    Thanks so much ~
    Mary @ Sea Quilts

  8. That's a nice dress.



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