What's In Your Bag

Ok. Have you all been over to {nice girl notes} ?
If you haven't, then you should run, not walk over there!
As she says, it's "Polite, with bite".
And I just crow reading her stuff!
Fabulous writer over there!

Roo has this little party going on over at her site called:

You should go over and link up.
I did.
And it will give you a chance to clean out your handbag...

So, here's my handbag:
This is my Fall/Early Winter Purse:
Bucket Style Teal Patent Coach

This is the contents... Not normally this disorganized, but I'm busy.
And the main contents out:
My Wallet is a Juicy Couture Gray long-line. I LOVE it!
El-cheap-o sunglasses, because My fav pair I gave to my lil' bro's girlfriend and the replacement pair got crushed installing the car-seat on the opposite side of the car for "car-line".
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer
Current Coupons - Never craft at full price
Various Writing Implements, depending on what your writing on...
Camera Remote in case I need a pic and no-one to take the picture...
Fabric Swatches just in case  I find coordinating fabrics or trims that might just match
Palm Pre With Hidden Mirror - Must have!
1: Lip Stain
2: Car Key
3: Key to my Aunt's house
4: Headphones for morning workout
5: Measuring tape
6: Breath sanitizers
7: Palm Pre self cleaning case - genius, really.
8: 2 palm pre batteries - only downfall to the phone, dead battery by noon w/o even talking on it!
9: MAC lippie in Archetype
10: Hair ties

And the Inner Pocket Contents:
The Bug's gum
A very much under decorated check book - project already added to the list.
Purse Hanger
Scribble Note Pad
An Essentials Kit:
Motrin, Baby Benadryl, Baby Tylenol, A few fem-Supplies, A couple of days of Allergy meds and Benadryl cream for Mosquito Bites or Itchy Nose.

So, there you have it. My handbag and its contents.
Kind of boring. Wish it were more exciting.
So, as George Lopez says: What's In your Sack?!
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  1. First off, love the actual bag. Like we said, Coach Outlet rocks! What a fun way to clean out your bag. I swear my bag weighs 20 lbs. I really should get to cleaning it :) Too funny that you carry the camera remote!

  2. Heyyy!!! Thanks for linking up! I loveee the contents of your bag. So cute! Those fem products make me squirmy though. I never mastered the non-applicator ones. And there's your TMI moment for the weekend. Ahem.

    Thanks again! :D


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