Stop The Presses! I Actually Won Something!

I'm so tickled, I have to share this with you all!
I actually won something!
I have never won anything -on or offline!
And truly, AuBrynne won this for me -she's just so darn cute!
And loves to ham it up for the camera.
But I did make the costume, so I'm gonna claim it!

Susan over at Entertain EXCHANGE

and her friends

Held this fun Giveaway in October:

Well, I entered AuBrynne's Witch Costume

And guess what?!

They chose it for the Best Halloween Costume 0-10!

And that means I won a $50 gift certificate to

If you haven't been over there, do stop by!
Jenn has some of the cutest printables in her Etsy shop!
So, a GIANT THANK YOU for choosing us as the winner!

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  1. Congrats!! You and AuBrynne make a great team. She is an adorable model and you are an amazing seamstress. You both deserve it :)

  2. I was really hoping that it would be me. When I was looking through all the post I knew that you would be my compition. I am glad that if I had to loose that I lost to you. I think that I would have been more upset if I lost to a candy corn or something. Congradulations!

  3. Congrats... you definately deserved the win. I'm sure the model made you a shoe-in! :)

  4. Very fun to read about your win! You two really do make a terrific team, Beautiful Allie and her Mini Me!


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