Making It With Allie - Thanksgiving 2010

Well, we have had a CRAZY week!
We have been doing dome traveling and had some mishaps that have reminded me to be Thankful for the positives in my life.
I am SO grateful for my family who loves and supports me in all that I do.
I am grateful for my friends and their families who treat my family as their own.
I am grateful for my sewing machines that allow me to be creative and follow my passion.
I am grateful I have a home and food to keep us healthy.
I am grateful for many many things, of which, I will not list.
That list would be WAY too long.
But know that I am grateful.

So, we are visiting my friend Hollie in Logan, Utah for Thanksgiving this year.
Hollie recently moved into a new house.
Previously, I made a bedspread and pillow shams for her daughter Sami's room.

Well, Hollie and I decided to paint some geometric shapes onto the walls for decoration.
Because we don't have enough on our plates on these short visits...

Here is the wall we started on:
And we drilled holes into a ruler about every inch down the center.
We held a nail in one end and a marker in a hole and wound it around to get our circles.
Each size circle is a different notch in the ruler.
Then we free-hand painted the lime green with 1.5 inch angled brushes.
It turned out FABULOUS!

So, what have you all been working on?
I can't wait to see!
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I love seeing when somebody tells me that they came from one of your blogs!
It gives me a warm-fuzzy!

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  1. I knew that you two would be up to something :) Love the two colors together!

  2. Just found your blog and so happy to link up to your party. If you'd consider featuring my blog, my email is angsandy@yahoo.com.sg


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