Video Killed The Radio Star

You might be a craft addict if:
Your hot glue gun is generally on, just in case you might need it. Right. Now...

So, last night we were having some fun family time -still dressing the last tree...
When little AuBrynne decided to sing along to the songs playing.
She grabbed the dog's brush and started to use it for a microphone.

Well, it dawned on me that she could have a much cuter one -REALLY fast!
I had just finished a roll of 6" tulle, so I pulled the ends off of it and hot glued some ribbon on.
Then took one of the unbreakable christmas ornaments and hot glued it in one end -hook side in.
And that was it!
It literally took 90 seconds! IF!
And it made her WAY happy!

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  1. That's a very cool idea for a microphone, I love the concept of using the bauble!

  2. Only you would whip a microphone in 90 seconds! But the important questions is...dog's brush?? Did you bring the little dog home from Hollie's house?? That just shows we need to catch up..LOL!


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