Making It With Allie - J O Y

Holy Holiday-Season Batman!
Can you believe we are nearly through the whole month of December??
I can not believe it!

It is Thursday, and I am SO excited to have this week's
Making It With Allie Party!

What have all of you been up to?
Or do you have your elfs working on it?
Mine never showed up this season...
So, I have been working feverishly to get it all finished.

For my submission to the party, I am going to share with you the sign I made for our door.

It was SO easy! And cost less than $5!
I found cardboard letters, Bells, and ribbon at Hobby Lobby on 50% off sale;
Paper at Joanns for 5 for $1;
Had the Modge Podge and the Extreme Glitter Paint.
The dowel was cannibalized from my mother's stash.
Shh! If we don't say it loud, she wont hear and thus, might not notice her dowel is noticeably shorter...
And the nail file for filing the excess paper off, from the nail drawer.
And some hot glue from Mr. Hottie... (the glue gun)

Dare I ask if you need step-by-step instructions?
Probably not, but if you need them, email me!
I will tell you in detail how I did it!

Have you visited my Linky-Party Directory?
I like to link my projects up on all the places there!
If your linky party is not listed because I have not linked there, or maybe don't know about it -
Please Feel Free To Add It! :)

So, now it is your turn!
What have you got?
Show Me! Show Me! Show Me!
I really can't hardly wait to see them all!
You all are so fun and inspiring!

So, link up all the fun projects you have been working on or are proud of!
Grab a button if you can!
Or link however you want! If you want...
And spread the comment love!
You know you want to!
You know you love it when people leave you comments -leave some for somebody else!
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  1. Thanks for the chance to link up my last Christmas project - handcut ornaments.

  2. I can't believe it is Christmas already!! This month really did fly by. Well, my elves never showed up, so I have been go crazy all alone :) Love the sign you made. Especially since it costs under $5!! You can't beat that :)

  3. Happy Holidays Allie - I love the joy sign

  4. Thanks for hosting. I linked up the FREE calendar, hope you come check it out. :)


  5. This is TOO cute! We would love for you to come link up at Fancy This Fridays @ Truly Lovely! :) http://trulylovelywiththelaneysisters.blogspot.com

  6. Very cute! I haven't made anything in a while, but I like your joy letters.

  7. Cute! I made letters like this also, but mine spell LOVE, and I'll be using them for Valentine's Day! :)

  8. So cute. I love the jingle bells on the "o"


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