Story Time

One of our favorite parts of the day is story time.
Some days I read to AuBrynne from books.
Some days AuBrynne reads to me from books.
Some days we make up fairy-tales.
AuBrynne's favorite is telling me her favorite story.
Right now that happens to be the story of Rapunzel.
Last night I grabbed the camera and clicked away as she told me the story of Rapunzel.
And for the first time Rapunzel had curls instead of straight hair... this made me happy.

The story can't be told without sufficient hand waving, as we are Chicagoans...

I love this baby!

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  1. awww, what a precious face! :) reading is great!
    have a great day,

  2. Are you Italian?? LOL! We tend to use our hands quite often too. It is so awesome that you set aside time each day for books. A is totally benefitting from it now and in the future. And she looks as adorable as ever, curly or staight!


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