Teacher Appreciation - Dynamite Teachers!

Well, I don't know where my head has been...
I say that because, apparently, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.
Well, it came and went and didn't knock on my door, so I missed it.
I need to stop and get around to all of your blogs, and then I might have had a heads up...
So, since it is AuBrynne's last week of school, I thought I would do a few things for her teachers THIS week.

First up, a cute one.
Dynamite Rolo Treats.
I took the Rolos that are in rolls and covered them with red paper.
A little white rope and some hot glue and they were nearly ready.
A little label that says
Ms. [Teacher], You are DYNAMITE! Have a Treat!

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  1. Hi Allie..they are so cute, a very imaginative idea..I bet the teachers love them!

  2. I absolutely love it! So clever and beautifully executed.

  3. Ok lady....you are WAY behind....teacher appreciation was like 3 weeks ago..LOL! Regardless, I think her teachers will love this idea. I might even have to steal it myself..LOL!

  4. Wow, this is such an adorable idea. I'll have to store this away in my memory bank and pull this out for next year.

    Fun blog and a pleasure to browse.

  5. Oh my goodness, these are adorable!! I am definitely making some of these.


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