Making It With Allie - Girly But Sporty

Hello Friends!
We have finally made it back to home base!
We had so much fun on our summer break!
We spent a week in Philadelphia and Wildwood Beach, New Jersey
Then we spent a few weeks in Logan, Utah, visiting loved ones.
While we were there, we didn't just spend all of our time at the pool and watching soap operas...
We crafted!
One of the projects on the list was to get the youngest daughter's bedroom finished.
This is the room for Miss Lainey.
Miss Lainey is a super-fun girl.
I would say she is Girly But Sporty!
So her room had to reflect those fun qualities.
We started with the bed-spread Hollie had found.
It had super fun bright colors.
So we got to work covering canvases for the wall, decorating decorative plates, spray painting wire wall art, sanding side tables and making window treatments...

Here is what we came up with!

We found super fun coordinating fabrics in fat-quarters and modge-podged them onto simple canvases.
Then as we were trolling through HobbyLobby, we found these fun iridescent decorative plates.
We painted some wood letters in Lainey's initials and hot glued them to the plates.
Then added some plastic flat-back rhinestones around the edge.
A couple of plate hangers and we are finished.

We also found these great wire wall decor flowers in lime green and pink.
Since they were on half off this week, we got a third and spray painted it turquoise to coordinate with the color scheme.

This is the side table/dresser we decided to sand then repaint.
There were a good solid 8+ layers of paint on this thing!
After that, we spray painted it and then modge-podged some coordinating fabric on the top.
Since decorative lamps were on sale at HobbyLobby, this lamp was a no-brainer!
And weren't we lucky to find this darling alarm clock in Lainey's drawer when we were putting the room all together!
We also hung a little rack for book-bags and jackets and what-nots.
And left room for a vinyl wall piece for later...

With some coordinating fabrics, we whipped up some window treatments.
We hung them on this other little piece we made.
We took a piece of 1x8 and a decorative molding and glued then nailed them together.
Then we slapped some paint on the whole thing that matched the other trip color.
Then we drilled wholes and put in some decorative knobs, also from HobbyLobby.

In the end, Lainey was pleased and so were Hollie and I!

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  1. Oh wow Allie, hope you don't mind me hogging up your linky party, BUT I hardly ever get a chance to link up anymore, so when I do, I go all out, lol. Besides I have TWO blogs now to represent so it can be alot.

    Thanks so much for hosting AND wow what a great bedroom makeover, Lainey is surely thrilled with her new room. I love that lamp, it's so fun. The colors are bright, and funky, perfect for a girly girl.

    Hope you have a great day girl!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
    **AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After Any projects, recipes, diy welcome.
    **PARTY PLANNING TUESDAYS** @ Euro Style Cakes. All your party planning tips, decorations, invitations, and recipes welcome at my NEW party.

  2. Wow! Lucky Miss Lainey has a fancy pants room! Very pretty!

  3. WOWZA, Lainey is a very lucky lady!! Awesome room! Thanks for hosting!

  4. You are so creative Allie......love the bedroom!



  5. Great job on the bedroom! Thank you for hosting your weekly link party!

  6. Glad to hear you are back and that you had a great time!! Now maybe we can catch up...LOL! Lainey's room came out great, I am sure she was super excited. The plates and the wire art are my favorite :)

  7. The room is darling!! I love the colors and patterns!! so cute!

  8. This room is so cute! Love the colors and especially that lamp!

  9. Lainey's room turned out great! I especially love the colorful valance.

    Allie, thank you so much for hosting. I've found so many great projects to visit...


  10. I know when I leave a traditional party I feel so guilty over all the food I've consumed! This may be worse - knowing how to actually make the food {which may never get shared ;)} can be very dangerous. I think five pounds just jumped off the screen onto my hips {just from the pictures}! Thanks for hosting!


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