Making It With Allie - Tooth Fairy

Hello Friends!

The Tooth Fairy is visiting our house tonight!
A few days ago, I noticed that Miss AuBrynne's bottom teeth were looking a little askew.
Upon closer inspection, it appeared that she had a very loose tooth.
Like within a week, this little thing was coming out.
And the one next to it was not far behind.
I had a little moment right about this moment:
She's barely 5 years old!! Babies can't loose baby teeth... lol

So, I started looking for fun Tooth Fairy ideas to do when the teeth started to come out.
I found really sweet ideas on Pinterest.
And decided that we will be doing a little tooth chart/wall hanging.
Yesterday, AuBrynne and I picked out some cute fabrics she liked for it.
 I thought I had at least 3 days to get the thing together, so I finished up another project before I'd start this...
My chronic procrastination got me this time!
We were out running errands this afternoon, when a VERY excited voice exclaimed,
"Mom!! Mom!! My tooth came out!"
I get to the light and have a look at her and she has plucked this thing out and she's proud of herself.
Good job, AuBrynne!  Now we wait for the next one...
So, we have dinner and she escapes to her room to read.
I start ironing fabrics to make her Tooth Fairy Chart...
She comes out and says,
"Mom! The other tooth came out... All by itself!"
So we have a little talk about how we can't go plucking all our teeth out...
I think she gets it now.
However, the family keeps telling me that she's gonna yank them all out and then ask for a check...
We shall see.
When the swelling calmed down, you can see that both of those teeth are totally broken through
 and coming in at the same time.
But the little toothy-lispy-talk now is SO cute!

I used pink heat transfer  for the chart.

Here is the tooth chart, if anyone would like to use it:
Or email me if you would like a digital cut file.
I can gladly email it to you!

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  1. Cute chart! I wish I would've done something similar with my son. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Allie, What an incredibly cute and original project... and your little girl is a doll! xo Malia

  3. Thanks so much for hosting....your little gal is a sweetie for sure! hugs, mb

  4. Hi Allie, thank you for a great party again. Have a great week!

  5. I had a feeling something was up when I saw you pinning all of those pillows...lol! I can't believe she lost two!! She beat Christopher....his don't even appear to be loose. And only you would come up with such a great idea. I love it....and the fabric choices are great. They would be a great thing for an Etsy site. Speaking of which, we need to chat about your quilts and what you are doing with that. Tell A we said congrats!

  6. Thanks for hosting this. I am new to your site and I am enjoying it.

  7. Thanks for the Link up!
    I just had a baby about almost 6 weeks ago. I'm trying to get back into the blog world!

  8. Can you email the file for the tooth chart please? I'd like to make one for my daughter. (nrgoodall18@gmail.com)

  9. Just found your blog as I was looking for this exact project. Could you please email me the tooth chart? I really appreciate it! (mrsparisiskclass@gmail.com)


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