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Hey there! How are all of you?
I have been quite busy for a while and have felt like being a bookworm this last week.
It's been very nice given that the weather in Chicagoland is doing the Spring-Rain bit...
I am loving the Nook too! It's lice to be able to have both AuBrynne and My books with us for when we have a moment or are having bedtime stories.
So, I started with one of my favorite authors, Marian Keyes.
This one was called Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married.

I just love Marian Keyes' writing.  
Ms. Keyes has a great way of making the characters funny and endearing and makes you feel happy and sad and as embarrassed as she intends them to be.
I'm running out of Marian Keyes books to read.  
I might have to write her a letter, kindly asking her for another good read.... ;-)

Next, my bestie suggested I read The Lucky One, by Nicholas Sparks, before she arrives next week, so we can go see the movie when she's here.

This books was lovely! If only a perfect Marine walked into every ladies life... Right.
This was the first Nicholas Sparks book that I have read.  I noticed that nearly all of his books has been turned into a movie.  And I can see why! I am going to have to read some more!
Anyways, this was a page turner.  Sweet and tender.  It's a good one to get lost in.

Now, a couple of weeks ago, my mother asked if I had read this Fifty Shades book.  
Being so busy, I was completely oblivious to the book.  Or books, as its a trilogy...
She did not elaborate on what this set of books was about...
So, when the set of books popped up in my book suggestions, I was like what the heck?? It's on the best seller list. I'll give them a whirl.

Now, I know my mother is peeing her pants laughing at me right now.
You see, I can't even watch people kiss on our soap opera each day.
She laughs at me watching our soap...
Anyways, I am positive she is laughing at me knowing how I would be reading something of this sort...
Thanks, Lisa... 
Having to flip through the pages to get to a point where I could open my eyes again.
I know, I'm a silly little girl....
Anyways, These are a great read! And contrary to what the media (that I have now not stopped hearing) would like to have you believe, this is a roller coaster ride of two very interesting young people that I'm sure we all can identify with.  But at the same time, a modern fairy-tale to get lost in.

Anyways,   I have a pile of projects waiting for me to finish. 
So, maybe I will have a project for you all next week!  Maybe not...

Now, it's time for the
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  1. I just bought The Lucky One, I can't wait to start reading it! Thanks for hosting every week. :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestions!! Thank you for hosting as well!!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Thanks for the Marian Keyes suggestion! I just finished Fifty Shades and loved it! I am so sad it is over........


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