For those In-Between Days...

We  L O V E  school around here! YAY!
AuBrynne wakes up and says:
"It's time to go to school! It's time to play with the kids and Miss Kim and Miss Erin!"
It makes me SO happy to hear that she is happy!
I think she only likes to pick out her outfits each morning... Just joking.
Right now, the weather here is In-Between. 
You know those days -starts out cool so you throw on a long sleeved shirt or a sweater.
But as you get going, you are grossly over-dressed.
So, I made this little "half-shirt" up for The Bug to see if this helped keep her warm enough but not too warm.
She told me she liked it, so I will be making some more.
They were SUPER quick and easy!

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  1. What a great idea...I love it. Of course, she looks adorable in it. I am calling it now that she will be voted best dressed in high school :)


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