I have something REALLY fun to share with you all today!
I had a lot of fun putting this one together.
Even if I had to stop 90% of the way finished and rewind 50%...
Thanks to my LYING iron.
Ok, it only lies because it has been knocked off the board enough times. 
But it's still my favorite iron and if I was using a pressing cloth, I would not have melted the stretchy mesh.  But, in the end, it worked out better than I planned.

What is the way to fix a melted-fabric-issue?
Under-Panties from Walmart, or course!
Let me explain. When I melted the mesh, I decided that it probably wasn't the best fabric for what I was doing. So, I decided I would use lace. But then I thought further and decided that lace that did not have significant enough stretch, would not work and I would be rewinding again.... So, stretch lace.
But I did not want to pay for the minimum cut of stretch lace... Then it dawned on me that Walmart would have a cheap lacy pair of panties I could cut apart for next to nothing. 
I could not have planned it better. I even had enough to embellish the sleeves. 
I am really happy with how it turned out!

Thanks to my little brother JJ for messing around with the camera with me.

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  1. Lace panties from walmart? Genius!

  2. It looks great. Way to save a project.

  3. I love it! If I saw it in a store I would definitely have to buy it.

  4. Wow that looks incredible! Excellent work, I love it!

    Amie @ http://kittycatsandairplanes.blogspot.com/

  5. sooooo cute, great job! and thanks for the invite!

  6. this turned out awesome..and the panty part? pure genius!

  7. Wow, great top. It looks like a lot of work went into it. Great job~

  8. I think I have decided that you just need to open up your own clothing boutique carrying "Allie" designs. Forget Etsy! This came out so amazing!

  9. We're having a giveaway this week if you'd like to check it out!


  10. Gorgeous! So much detail! May I ask why you don't have an Etsy shop selling your beautiful creations? I think you'd do great!

  11. Wow! I want a tutorial! Great job and ingenius use of material. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comment.

  12. gorgeous & love the lace panties idea;)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, excited to find a new blog to add to my list of must reads!

  13. Lace Panties? Perfect! You are brilliant. I would love to see my husbands face as I chop up a pair of lace underpants to put on a shirt heh heh.
    I just went through a few pages of your blog and fell in love, you have great style!
    I missed the link-up this week, I'll have to try next time around. Thanks for your comment :)

  14. Love the details in that top. It is gorgeous. Thanks for linking it up to Thrilling Thursday!

    ~Lori S.
    Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

  15. Visiting from The Trendy Treehouse... I've stumbled upon you a few times and am really impressed with your sewing ability... I so wish I could make my own clothes! I'm impressed.

  16. Beautiful shirt...and the classiest way I know of to let your undies show. *grin*

  17. Oh, so clever! I would never guess that a beautiful shirt like that would have come from a pair of walmart undies! :)

    Stopping by from T&J Weekend Wrap Up. Have a wonderful weekend!

    just Lu

  18. Very resourceful!! And turned out great. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  19. You always have the most creative ideas! Thanks for sharing with Sister Sister!

  20. What a cute top!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites last week!

  21. So cute and I can't believe the lace comes from underwear genius

  22. That is beautiful! I'm visiting from Until Wednesday calls. Thanks for the "close ups" of the shirt it is great to see the details!

  23. so cute! i love the sleeves!
    Thanks for linking up!

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