Linky Party

Alright, We are going to try a Linky Party! I, myself, love the Linky Parties that are out there. 
I like being able to see what all you friends are doing out there in blog-land.
So, If this goes well, we will maybe make it a weekly thing.
I am thinking we will call it:
Making It With Allie

Two easy guidelines:
1: Your direct-post link should be something you made
2: Please display the Link Party Button (below) SOMEWHERE on your blog or linked post
Party Button

I am going to leave the link open from Thursday Morning until Sunday Night at midnight.
So, feel free to spread the word!
I also intend to post a list of favorites to feature your wonderful creativeness!

I hope you all Enjoy!
And while it is not a requirement,
Please Show some love and leave a comment when you visit the other links!

So, I will start the Party off with this submission:
Today, we have more stripes.  I'm not sure if this one falls into the "tunic" category, but I'm going to call it a Tunic.  I think it will be cute with a long-ish t-shirt peeking out underneath.  But I couldn't get the model to comply with putting them both on.  This is a new thing... Normally, AuBrynne likes to have several layers.

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  1. I really just need to borrow you for a week to teach me to sew like you. Love the tunic just the way it is, but will be great with the tee underneath. Love how you look ahead when you are making clothes for her :)

  2. Love how the cute tunic turned out you have an adorable model as well! Thanks for your nice comments! I am a follower !

  3. What a pretty little girl and that tunic is adorable ♥!!!!

  4. Allie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I added my new craft table to the link party! I'm your newest follower -- what a beautiful little girl you have! I'd love for you to follow me back! Look forward to reading your blog more!


  5. What a great design! Looks like somebody has a modeling career ahead of them :) She's adorable.

  6. Allie! I'm so excited to be linking up to your party! Thanks for asking! I love the tunic and think all the gathered details make it really special! Excited to be your newest follower!
    Best - Allison

  7. What a lovely girl~
    She looks happy on the green grass
    with tunic.

  8. AWWWsome Job! Thanks for inviting me to your linkee partay:) I'm a new follower, as well. Your little one is just precious!!


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