Re-purposing -Make It and Love It Style

Have you all been over to Miss Ashley's blog?
It's called Make It and Love It. 
And it is FABULOUS!
Ashley has great ideas and good tutorials!
Whether you are an expert sewer or a novice, you will enjoy her site.

Last week, Ashley did a great tutorial for this wonderful fall dress.

Well, I have had this t-shirt (that I love) that was silly-short on my tall, nearly 6 foot body...
And I had a light-bulb moment...
AuBrynne doesn't have to get the shirt refashioned for her.
You could do this for yourself!
It would be cute. AND coordinate with her little gray dress you just made...

So, this is the Gray, very high necked, crew t-shirt. 
Side note: Tall, large-framed, curvy girls generally should try and steer clear of the crew neck line. 
It makes for a good amount of real estate... Not the most flattering...
Anyways, the shirt:

Ok.  So, I whipped up the dress as Miss Ashley described, with a few alterations.
And given that I am SIGNIFICANTLY curvy, and I am fairly certain, Miss Ashley is not,
there were a few adjustments I needed to make.

Before I could start, I had to take the neck-line out and make it bigger. 
More of a scoop.
Then, the belt area needed to be secured, because it kept riding up.

Second, the belt in the back didn't work as well because I used a remnant of another piece of fabric and didn't have enough to make a tube... It didn't work as well.

So, I took it apart and re-worked things and came up with this.
It works a bit better for my curvy-er shape, as the waist-line is a bit more pulled in and defined.
And it stays put.

Anyways, I am loving this dress! It's pretty comfy. And just funky enough for me...

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  1. I loved that dress too. I still need to make one... I love the alteration you did with the waist, it makes it look even better!

  2. Awwww, I LOVE how that turned out! And Allie, you look adorable in it! And good adjustment, I love that wider band and how you changed it up. Good work! Anyway, thanks for the link. And add this to the flickr group if you have a chance. I'm sure others would LOVE to see it too! :)



  3. Wow that is amazing and darling! It turned out so cute!

  4. What a cute dress that looks totally comfy to throw on anytime! Love it!!

  5. You look fab in this dress. After seeing the dress at Make it and Love it, I was thinking of making the back waist as you did. Glad to see that it turned out as pretty as I imagined.

  6. I love your final version - it's cute and looks super comfy too - perfect!

  7. I like what you did. very comfy & classic.

  8. Ok...you couldn't wait for me to tell you to make the 'mom' version for the dress..LOL! You had to just go and do it yourself :) I love it. It looks so comfy. I just think it is so cute when the two of you match. And I am all about the lower scoop :)

  9. You did such a nice job, and you look so pretty in it!

  10. I love the way your dress turned out! i saw the tutorial earlyer, but the fabric did not catch me I think... with your version of this dres... IT GOT ME!!!! gonna save the tuto... and make one next summer...cause autum is starting here!

    love Miranda

  11. I love this! You did an awesome job! and I love the waistband without the tie... this is on my to do list...
    hmmm. I wonder what year I will get to it?! I'm off to hunt for a rocker t right now... thanks for the inspiration!


  12. That looks fabulous! From one curvy girl to another, you look great in that dress! I'll have to dig out some old Tshirts and get sewing now. Thanks for sharing.


  13. i love this dress! im gonna have to try this.

    join my link party
    U could WIN a MONTH LONG sidebar feature!

  14. Love it. found you through links. if you ever need new recipes come check us out

  15. Totally loving this! You'll for sure have to add this to my party on Friday!! It's a hit! :D
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  16. How cute are you?! Love this dress! Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Hi Allie, great dress! Also wanted to say thanks for your sidebar highlighting all of the linky parties. It's very helpful~

  18. That is so cute! I wonder if I can figure out how to do one maternity style!

  19. Love the dress, it looks great on you!
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  20. So cute. This could easily be turned into a maternity dress as well!

  21. Alida-
    Excellent idea! I think, if it were myself doing it, I would raise the waist-band (shorten the t-shirt part and make the front have a gentle curve to allow for fuller bust. Then on the skirt, I would absolutely pull some of the gathering from the back and push it to the front, then also do the gentle curve in the hem to accomodate the bump. Being that I am godzilla-tall, that curve would be really gentle... i just look plump when full-on pregnant -no sticking out bump and little people think the extra room in there is for STANDING-room only...

  22. OK, I can't figure this out: how did you do the neckline? Did you cut off the binding & resew it (looks like that), and / or re-cutting the neckline makes it bigger - where did the extra binding come from?

  23. Love it! You have to link this to my upcycled awesome linky party over at thetshirtdiaries.com

  24. Sooooo cute! I don't wear anything sleeveless and dresses are impossible to find. I never thought about doing this!

    While I'm faaaaaar from 6 feet, I'm definately a curvy girl, so I maybe coming to you for help when I tackle this one!

  25. Wow!! I love it! You did an amazing job with it.

  26. WOW! I love this dress, can you make me one??? jk.. But I've been really into refashioning lately, but unfortunately I have yet to successfully refashion something. This came out really great!


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