Making It With Allie Features -Gramma's Picks

My order for clones of myself has not shipped yet, so my "staff"
(ha ha ha)
is going to pick our features this week!
SO, Take it away, Gramma!

Hi bloggers. Nice to meet you.
This was fun and soooo hard to pick.
Everything was worthy of a shout out. But she made me choose.

Handmade Con Amor scared me with the mask,
and the dress is a show stopper too!

Ding Dong, the Witch is dead! Me and You + 2 is soooo cleaver!

Made it on Monday has a flare for tops.
Love the flower treatment and drape of this blouse!

Aunt Peg's Recipe Box made some
YUMMY Easy Pumpkin Spice Buttercream Frosting.
And she even shared the recipe!

Crafty Mama worked a miracle with burlap.
Isn't this purse to die for?

Love this pillowcase dress from
 Little Monkeys
How very cute!

Oh yes, and talking show stoppers,
this idea and its execution are AMAZING.
Go to Mod Vintage Life and see how she did it!

And for a "how to" in tutorials, not only can you make this cute skirt,
but you can bookmark this post as a great example of a good tutorial!

 It's been fun.
More than likely I'll be seeing you again soon -as I have now been labeled as "Staff".
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  1. Thanks for the feature! I feel so honored :)

  2. Good pickin's, sista! I love your choices!


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