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Hello Friends!
I am SO excited for today's Guest Blogger!
Her name is Ami and she is from AliLilly and she has skillz with Jewelry and fun other Crafty fun things!
If you haven't met Ami, hop on over and check her blog out and say Hi! for me!

Hi y'all!! I'm Ami with AliLilly. I blog about jewelry making, crafts, life, mommy-hood and recipes among other stuff I like to share from time to time. I love making new blog friends and being inspired by all your amazing creations. Allie is an awesome blog friend. I just adore her GORGEOUS lil one and all the amazing things Allie creates or posts about.

When Allie first asked me to do a guest post for her I was SO EXCITED. I may of even squealed while I read the email. But then I panicked, intimidated by all the AWESOMENESS that she posts, I thought what can I post that her readers would love. I JUST STARTED sewing (Dear Santa I've been very good this year! I need a sewing machine.....BAD!!!) I sewed my daughter who is also named Alie, a princess dress for Halloween.

I hand made the tutu and all the rosettes. Sewing the skirt to the shirt in a straight line was a bit challenging for me but I pulled it off.

I made these rosettes from Alie's old baby blankets. These are also the very first rosettes I ever made.

Excited over my new fabric rosette making skills, I made a bunch for our fall wreath. Tell me it ain't the cutest thing that my hubby found that y'all sign! See, we are born n raised Texans that have lived in Phoenix Az for just over a year now. It's a bit sentimental to us to have that y'all sign.

Speaking of sentimental. I made this scarf for Alie from last years Christmas PJ's. I LOVED them and just couldn't give them away.

I handcraft jewelry too.

I sell my handmade jewelry in my AliLilly Etsy Shop. I really wanted to share a tutorial with y'all and I thought of something that I DON'T THINK Allie has posted about before.

THESE!! They are crepe paper roses. How sweet are they?

I first learned how to make these from Shelly with House of Smith's.

Roll the top and secure it with a dab of glue.

Start loosely winding the paper around the middle and fold it over as you go.

It will start to look like this.

I did a swipe of glue every few winds.

Remember to roll loosely and fold over as you go.

VOILA! You have a sweet lil paper crepe rose.

You'll have to check my blog in a few weeks to see what I did with all of these.

While I was making these, Alie handed me this one and said "look mama a fower (flower)" She made this one for me. I have put it somewhere safe so that I can treasure it for years to come. :)

I hope you'll stop by someday soon to say hello. Thanks so much Allie for having me over today. Your great, your blog is great and I'm so proud to be your follower! I can't WAIT to see what YOU do next!! :)



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  1. That doesn't even begin to cover all the stuff she can make!

  2. How sweet, Ami! I can only imagine how addicting these could be to make after you get going :o)

  3. I still can't get over how cute that princess dress is. Love your crepe paper roses too :) You definitely have talent! :)

  4. Oh how precious and beautiful. I love that dress, it is just unreal, and all the roses are fabulous. Making the scarf out of the pajamas is such a cute idea. I love Alli's rose. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

  5. Love all your projects here! And I am smiling at how sentimental you are! What a neat Mom and lady you are.


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