Not Very Wordless Wednesday

We had the opportunity to visit the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL.
I had not been there in years!
It was SO much more fun than I remembered!
I think that everyone on earth should get to go to Disney at least once a year!
Here are a few highlights!

AuBrynne made herself right at home in front of "her" castle:
 And AuBrynne got dusted with Pixi-Dust
And with that, AuBrynne was transformed into "Rapunzel", dress and all!
 We rode all the rides!
 Some of them twice...
 We went through Mickey & Minnie's houses.
The "old-school" cartoons mesmerized AuBrynne!
 And Minnie taught us how to pose:
 The castle is unbelievably beautiful at night!
The pictures don't do it justice!
 And we were able to see a fireworks show too!
We were happy to see Woody, one our most recent favorite characters!
 And we got to meet our favorite Princesses and Princes:
Jasmin and Aladdin
After meeting all those Princesses, AuBrynne started insisting on being carried in the stroller.
What a Princess!

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  1. I am so jealous that you guys got to go....so is Christopher...LOL! He nearly died when he saw these pics. I am so glad you guys had a great time. These are moments to treasure forever :)

  2. Just to say I'm so jealous of you right now ;P


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