Lucky Bits Tutorial

Yesterday, I showed you guys our new little Lucky Bits jar that went by our door:

Well, here is the promised tutorial on how to make those Lucky Bits!

You will need:
Wood scrap
Bottle Caps
Decorative papers
Little sticker backed gems
circle punch or scissors, if you are that skilled

Let's get started!
First Take a bottle cap and place it flat side down

Take your wood scrap and place it over your bottle cap and hammer away
The edges will start to curl over

You should have something like this on the left
Original on the right

Ok.  At this point I would suggest painting them copper
I didn't and did it later.  It wasn't impossible but if you have not so steady hands, do it now.

Cut out your decorative papers with a paper punch or scissors
A 1 inch punch worked perfect

I did a a few different patterns

Now, slap some Modge Podge into the well of the bottle cap and put a little paper disc in
 Modge Podge over it.

Let them dry
At this point add your little gem embellishments
A certain little leprechaun informed me that I didn't put them in until I had started the next step
Not really a big deal, but do it now before you go further.

Take your dimensional Magic and DO NOT SHAKE IT, you will get air bubbles
You don't want air bubbles.
Fill up the little well over your Modge Podged paper
It will be cloudy, but in a few hours, it will be clear and hard to the touch

This is what you get when you have them all finished and dried
with some other little bits, as well

Have your little leprechaun kiss each little bit for good luck

I did the lid to the jar, the same way, just on a little bit bigger scale
I used orange glitter paper and metallic green acrylic paint for the letters
A little ribbon hot glued on and it is finished

As you can see, I also couldn't wait another little while for the whole thing to dry
You can see the cloudy stripe; its not all the way dry
I did set it level and let it dry all the way :)

Hope you could all follow my tutorial!
See you tomorrow for the
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  1. What an adorable idea! I need some lucky bits for sure!

  2. So cuuute! I've been wanting to try dimensional magic for a while. Love how you used it!

  3. I hope you disinfected them and had A re-kiss them...LOL!

  4. This is a fantastic idea, Allie!

  5. these are so cute! I want some of that mod podge. Whenever I've looked for it, I haven't been able to find it.
    tweeting this post!

  6. Allie, what a wonderful St. Patrick's craft! I love the way that you transformed the bottlecaps, giving them a totally new and beautiful look!

  7. How fun! I'd love to make these with my kids. They'd get a thrill out of them. :)

  8. SOOOO fun. I love it. How easy you made it look. Thinking tons of uses for those flattened out bottle caps, hehe.

    Nice nails girl, :)

    Def come link up girl.
    Bella Before and After **AMAZE ME AUGUST**, and GUESS what? I have a fabulous giveaway going on this week too for the cutest ZEBRA print APRON, and TOWEL SET. Come enter before it's too late. GIVEAWAY HERE, I really appreciate the support girl.

    Bella :)

  9. ok, how cute is that?!
    thanks for stopping by my photoblog. i have no idea how to change my non-reply settings...lol...but my email addy is on my photoblog under current promotions if you want to chat more.
    my aubryn is 11 now and it's funny that you say it's an irish family name for you. my maiden name is actually irish from a few generations back (dougherty) and i love all things celtic and always thought aubryn had that sort of ring to it but could never find it in any baby books to trace its origin. closest we could find was aubrey and bryn.
    anyways, i'll need to try and figure out how to follow your blog or something; you have some really great ideas. thanks again for your reply and from one sort-of celt to another, happy almost st patricks day!

  10. these are so cute!!! I want to make jewelry out of your lucky bits! Wait - that sounds funny. Lol

    Awesome job! Love them :)

  11. ADORABLE!!! I am going to have to try these out!

  12. Very cute, Allie! We have the same name and we both spell it the right way! :) I love how they turned out. I've never seen mod modge used in that way. I love it.

  13. Very cute! I need to get me some of that dimensional magic stuff.... :)

  14. Super fun and unique St. Patrick's Day idea. Love the smashed bottle caps painted.


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