Valentines for School

Valentine's Day 2011 is in the books.
AuBrynne was more than happy to help me make her Valentines to share with her class-mates.

We made Heart Shaped Brownie Covered Oreos.
Fortunately for the family, we made them a few times to "perfect our technique".

I don't know where this recipe originated, but in the recipe I ran into,
it says to: dip your oreos into brownie batter then bake in muffin tins...

This does work perfectly for round muffin tins.
I did have to cut a TINY triangle out of each oreo
Make sure you have the sharpest knife you can find...

Anyways, I used baking release on the pan and got out my small cookie scoop.

I scooped one scoop of brownie batter into each cavity (left pan)
Then added an oreo to each pan and pushed it nearly to the bottom (right pan)

Then one more scoop of brownie batter over each oreo:

Now, because I was doing this slowly and taking pictures...
The oreos floated themselves upwards.
If you do this at normal speed, and get them into the oven, this doesn't happen.

Bake them in a 350 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes.
DO NOT OVER-BAKE. This is easy to do. Yes, I did this.

When you take these out of the oven, be sure to slip a knife or other implement around the edges,
or they won't come out. Yes, I did this too.

Anyways, this is what you will have once you let them cool and figure out how to get these out of the pan:
Actually, the left one is what they look like if you let them float up...
Yes, another "test" batch for the family...

Ok. These are PHENOMENAL on their own, just plain.
But they could be decorated...
and that is just what we did!

We got out the pink candy-melts and dipped the tops.
Then dipped half in red/pink/white sprinkles.

Then we proceeded to make the labels and package them up!
I made the fold over label in Photo-Shop.
And printed them on card-stock.

AuBrynne stamped some extra pizazz onto them...
And her seal of approval :)

Here is the whole lot of them:

I think they are REALLY sweet.
But I am very happy this project is finished.
The smell of Brownies are TOO tempting!

Tomorrow, I will share AuBrynne's Valentine Refashion!

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  1. Smitten...cute! These are beautiful! Sure beat my Target cards!

  2. Those are the cutest valentines, what a great idea!

  3. So cute! That's such a good idea. Unfortunately, I just have round tins. But I may have to find a way to do this! Love the little bags and tags too. I should do that for my piano students. What kind of bags do you use?

  4. OMG...my mouth is watering just looking at these. I am assuming this is the recipe you were supposed to tell me about a few weeks ago?? LOL! They came out great. Christopher is not allowed to bring in treats to school...so annoying!Love A's little finishing touch :)

  5. You are Such a good mama! All I ever got was a box of pre-made valentines and stickers if I was lucky! I am going to be trying this one though! Thanx for the great idea!

  6. Oh my word!!! The look SO yummy.
    What a sweet idea! Your daughter is just too precious! Thank for linking up!!

  7. Those are so cute! I've never heard of that recipe. But I will be making those next year. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. These turned out so pretty ... and they must taste great too, you can't go wrong with oreo cookies and brownies :)

  9. Those look so super yummy and adorable with the finishing touches... I bet the parents were totally impressed!

  10. Those look really yummy but too cute to eat lol. Thanks for linking up! :)

  11. One commenter above said, "I bet the parents were totally impressed". I say, I bet the parents never SAW them! :0) That's too bad - the presentation is adorable!

    This looks yummy and I don't even like Oreos (I know, I know... I'm a freak...)

    A girlfriend of mine recently brought chocolate chip cookies baked around an Oreo for me to try. It was good - but this actually looks easier to do.

    I've hopped over from At Home with Haley - Recipes I can't wait to try. I'd say this fits perfectly in that hop!

    PS - AuBrynne is beautiful and I love her name :0)

  12. Ooo! ooo! oooh!! My mouth watered just looking at these Valentine-shaped brownies!! How come AuBrynne's great Aunt in Texas didn't get any of these??? Love you!!! - Aunt Pat (Texas!!)

  13. These are sooo adorable and they look super yummy! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  14. My DH would adore these as he is addicted to Oreos. AuBrynne looks like such a great helper...

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice! Hope to see you back this Thursday.


  15. they are so cute! Our school doesn't allow handmade food, such a bummer. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesdays!

  16. Allie, Wow! Layer after layer of detail and loveliness! I was so thrilled to have you link up at "A Little Birdie Told Me..."! Jenn


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